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Graphics packs made easy (Version 1.6)

Note for users of Opera Version 9.5 or newer

While the versions up to 9.2x would give websites access to files stored on a local webserver, Opera since Version 9.5 does strictly prohibit that (and, sadly, it does not give the user the right to decide about this at all).
Although the direct use of local graphics packs is blocked, it is still possible to access files on a local webserver by using a "Proxy". This means, the connection is not direct, but goes from the browser over the proxy to the webserver.
But for this to work, it is necessary, that the user does not already use an external Proxy. In detail this means:

  1. For users who don't use a Proxy at all: This software simulates a proxy-server and so makes it possible for Opera to access the files of the local graphics pack. But since only this files should be load by the proxy and the normal internet connections should be made direct, it is necessary to set certain configurations in Opera.
  2. For users, who do use an internal proxy (usually recognizable by the ip-adress of the proxy-server, which should start with "192.168"): The proxy server in use can (or must) deal with this. Maybe, it will be necessary to change a setting in the configuration and/or to configure a local firewall to accept connections from the proxy server.
    Please note: The standard version of this software can not be used in this case. If required, please contact me (, and I will send you a external connection enabled version of the software. The standard version will not accept external connections due to security concerns.
  3. Users, who do use an external proxy server (usually recognizable by the ip-adress of the proxy-server, that does not start with "192.168"): They can not use this software. Though it may theoretically possible to make it work, it would be much to risky, since it would be necessary to accept connection from the internet to the local host - and that is really not a good idea.

Installation for Opera Version 9.5 or newer, if no proxy has been used

  1. unzip the archive in the directory of the graphics pack.
  2. start gplg.exe
  3. In the system tray should appear the "GP" icon, which should not be crossed out in red
  4. klick on the button "Opera-User?": In the new form is a copy of the opera proxy setting dialog (in german), that shows which settings should be made. The texts (where changes are necessary) can be copied from the form.
  5. To the right of the copy of the opera proxy setting dialog is a textbox, that contains the "path to the graphics pack". This path is to be used in the browsergame.
    (If the graphics pack is not in the path "path to graphics pack" from the main form, but in a subdirectory, then the path has to be adjusted acordingly)
  6. Ready

Additional, non-mandatory steps:

  1. Open the configuration form
  2. Check "Start with Windows" if desired - the software will be loaded, whenever the user does log in. To make it work, the settings must be saved.
  3. Check "Start minimized" if desired - the software will be loaded in minimized mode. To open the mainform, perform a doubleclick on the "GP" icon in the system tray.
  4. Close the configuration form by clicking on "OK"
  5. click on "Save"
  6. click on "Minimize"

Please take a look at the security information